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Address: wang beicun dapeng heavy machinery factory, hunnan district, shenyang

Contact: manager wang

Contact number: 18802487333

Service hotline: 400-600-1750

Company tel: 024-62344055

Company fax: 024-24716551

Corporate culture

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All employees of Dapeng Heavy Duty Company abide by their consistent quality commitment, service commitment, reputation commitment and customer satisfaction is Dapeng people's highest pursuit.

Business Policy

The scale is not the largest, the quality is the best.

The service is perfect and the reputation is supreme.

Business objectives

Focus on market demand and create first-class products.

Take customer satisfaction as the pursuit, build the image of Dapeng.

Enterprise Market Concept

Customer's continuous trust is the highest honor of Dapeng people!

What we need is not a short-term business relationship, but a long-term strategic partnership with our customers.

Therefore, the continuous trust of our customers is the performance of our success, but also our honor!

Dapeng Heavy Machinery