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Two 3YK2460 vibrating screens are sent to the site of Inner Mongolia users

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Two 3YK2460 vibrating screens are sent to the site of Inner Mongolia users

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Two 3YK2460 vibrating screens are sent to the site of Inner Mongolia users. Yesterday, two sets of 3th-floor 2460 vibrating screens assembled started from zisheng heavy industry factory and were sent to Inner Mongolia. This time, the Inner Mongolia customer is a large stone factory. Due to the disrepair of the original vibrating screen equipment, the failure rate is high, which greatly affects the production efficiency of the customer. So the customer ordered two 3YK2460 machines from zisen.

This user is a large-scale stone processing enterprises in Inner Mongolia, the main business are mining, stone processing, tailings disposal, stone processing production line of the main raw material is limestone, production line production in more than 400 tons, in order to meet the needs of the user line screening unit, is up heavy industry for users equipped with two sets of 3 yk2460, not only guarantee the existing production line screening outside of work, also left a surplus.

Then the customer is came up heavy industry factory, in is the raising of the heavy industry professional under the leadership of project manager, the customer to visit the scene of the around the user is located in zhengzhou, after conducting the investigation and comparison, finally the user and the signed purchase contract is up heavy industry, and will be in the shipping department two 3 yk2460 vibrating screen away.

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Shenyang dapeng heavy machinery factory is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development and production and sales of crushing engineering technology products. We will continue to implement the development strategy of starting businesses with talents, developing businesses through science and technology, and maintaining quality. It mainly produces the design, manufacture and installation of complete production lines of various types of rotary crusher, cone crusher, PYP crusher, HP crusher, CS/CH crusher, jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, heavy plate feeder, etc.

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