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What are the differences between gyratory crusher and cone crusher?

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What are the differences between gyratory crusher and cone crusher?

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(1) the two cone shapes of the rotary crusher are steeple inclined, the movable cone is upright, the fixed cone is inverted truncated cone, which is mainly in order to increase the size of ore blocks. Two cone shape of the cone crusher are slowly inclined, is made of truncated cone, and parallel to the ground with a certain length between two cone mining area (zone) in parallel, in order to control size requirements about minerals, because of, fine crusher and rough crusher.they are different, it is a broken product quality and production capacity as the primary consideration for cable.

(2) the movable cone of the rotary crusher is suspended on the upper beam of the machine; The movable cone of the cone crusher is supported on the spherical bearing.

(3) rotary crusher adopts dry dustproof device; Cone crusher USES water seal dustproof device.

(4) the gyratory crusher is to adjust the rise or fall of the movable cone to change the size of the discharge port; Cone crusher is to adjust the width of ore discharge mouth by adjusting the height of fixed cone (adjusting ring).

The cone crusher is divided into spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher according to the different adjustment device and insurance mode of the discharge port.

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