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The G20 summit brings more "sense of direction"

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The G20 summit brings more "sense of direction"

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Against the backdrop of continued deep adjustment of the global economy, the 11th G20 summit was held in hangzhou on September 4, solstice and 5. With the theme of "building an innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive world economy", the summit aims to bring more "sense of direction" to the world economy. "The severe impact of the international financial crisis on the economy has led developed countries to reflect on the drawbacks of the excessive development of the virtual economy and realize that economic growth must be based on the healthy development of the real economy. (-- G20 national innovation competitiveness development report (2015-2016))

According to the report, the deep integration of innovation and manufacturing will not only trigger a new revolution in global manufacturing industry, but also become a new focus of international competition and the leading role of national competitiveness and international influence. It can be predicted that the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing led by G20 innovation will show the following four characteristics: traditional manufacturing will accelerate the transformation to intelligent manufacturing; Traditional mass production will change to personalized customization; The battle of traditional dominance will change to the battle of industrial standards; Traditional cost competition will change to innovation competition.

Innovation means using new techniques to make products unrepeatable

The topic of "innovation" is often talked about and new. After the golden period of rapid development, China's equipment manufacturing industry is undergoing a transformation. Shenyang dapeng heavy thought, "innovation" is not necessarily the new product emerge in endlessly, more specifically, it is a kind of thinking: the technical innovation as the main driving force, form to dig more customers, continuously to the chain extension, undivided attention to do product, the traditional products, with the international new technology, upgrade, do not copy. Under the new situation, the helm of shenyang dapeng heavy hai-peng wang for the future development are given more accurate, clear positioning: "in the future development, only a more scientific give top priority to the user experience, feelings, value, can the wind float in the sky, in the future, we all work content, will be to meet the client's experience and realization of customer value as the prerequisite. Although we know we operate in a brutal environment, we can catch up with international industry giants more steadily and quickly if we seize the opportunity. In the Internet era today, we must use the Internet thinking, way to think about all the problems, closely around the value of users, employees, consider the user's experience, let the market favor us, let us live up to the era of competition.

In under the guidance of such ideas, shenyang dapeng heavy hard skills, not only single - product quality, constantly towards large-scale, intelligent direction, at the same time pay more attention to the production system of the whole production line, in the field of crushing, grinding to provide clients with comprehensive, systematic product support and technical solutions, make traditional mass production will shift towards personalization; Strict implementation of international industrial standards, from experimental research, process design, to production and manufacturing, equipment supply, organization of construction, customer security, accessories supply, customer training, every link, there are perfect system to constraints, with covering the whole process chain of mineral processing professional technology to create greater value for customers; The future competition, is the brand and the brand competition, brand means, methods, advanced management and service quality, when most of the enterprise into a "price war" disorderly competition cannot extricate oneself, shenyang dapeng heavy already out of the low end of the market, focus on high-end broken grinding equipment in research and development, for example, resolutely eliminate level does not match with the enterprise's supplier, for shenyang dapeng heavy, any form of cost control, but at the sacrifice of the quality of the product.

Cone crusher professional manufacturers shenyang dapeng heavy - duty continuous heating "one road" economic corridor

At the G20 summit, VictorChu, a former chairman of the B20, said China has a "One Belt And One Road" strategy for infrastructure investment, which is very ambitious.

G20 countries account for two-thirds of the world's population, nearly 90% of the global economy and 80% of global trade. China's "One Belt And One Road" policy covers more than 60 countries and 4.4 billion people along the routes, accounting for 63% of the global population. Its economic scale reaches 21 trillion us dollars, accounting for one third of the global GDP. China's "One Belt And One Road" answers several urgent issues to be addressed by the G20. It can be said that "One Belt And One Road" is a particularly important focus for the G20. At the G20 platform, China has the ability to draw up "China plan" for the new strategy and direction of world economic development.

Times make heroes. In September 2014, the 4th China - expo, shenyang heavy "silk road" dapeng plans to start making and implementation, including not only the strong support in terms of products, including system design, organization construction, and after-sales service, spare parts supply, customer training, comprehensive consideration, as the "silk road economic belt" of countries and regions to provide unparalleled products and services. Take kazakhstan for example, shenyang dapeng heavy has a large market share in kazakhstan, and its products such as jaw, counterattack and cone are quite popular with local customers. In order to provide customers with accurate production line solutions and perfect services, shenyang dapeng heavy has set up an office in the local area to efficiently respond to customers' actual needs. With the "silk road" economy heating up, the profit is significant, so more and more customers put shenyang dapeng heavy duty as the primary supplier for inspection. Kazakhstan is just a bright pearl on the silk road. Most of the countries along the One Belt And One Road route are emerging economies and developing countries. They are in a period of rising economic development and enjoy broad prospects for cooperation. Roads, railways, oil and gas pipelines, network communication facilities and other continuous construction, are forming the ancient silk road modern caravans, shenyang dapeng heavy production lines in this "silk road" continue to create value, forming a more open atmosphere. Meanwhile, shenyang dapeng heavy has maintained friendly trust and contact with Indonesia and other countries on the maritime silk road.

It should be pointed out that the thorough subversion of the development mode of traditional manufacturing and the reshaping of modern manufacturing mode will inevitably encounter the obstacles of traditional manufacturing and the stability challenges of emerging things, and there are still many problems to be solved. Therefore, the report argues that G20 countries must further implement the five strategies, which will help enhance their independent innovation capacity, deepen international cooperation and jointly promote the prosperity and development of global manufacturing industry. Both in traditional economy, and the Internet economy era, and was kicked off the Internet era, for traditional Chinese manufacturing, market the pursuit of high-quality, systematic and scale, the ultimate value pursuit, still is the mainstream of the development of shenyang dapeng heavy to iot thinking of integrated innovation and system innovation, everywhere to consider the user experience, enhance the enterprise strength.

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