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Double tooth roll crusher main components and functions

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Double tooth roll crusher main components and functions

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The double-tooth roller crusher is a representative work of shandong jiuchang heavy industry to improve the urban environment and enhance the energy saving property. In the development industry of construction engineering, any customer who needs the operation technology and performance analysis of the double-tooth roller crusher is constantly playing the basis of high efficiency.

Working principle of double-tooth roller crusher:

1, double tooth roller crusher working principle double tooth roller crusher is a kind of roll crusher, the surface of the crushing roller staggered arrangement of raised teeth, two rollers rotation, the block will be broken. Toothed roller crusher is an important crushing equipment used with sintering machine, which is suitable for medium crushing of cold and hot sintered blocks in sintering section of smelting plant and gang factory in metallurgical industry. The working condition and crushing efficiency of the equipment also directly affect the output of qualified sinter and the operation rate of the whole sintering section.

2, broken tooth disk structure design for the double tooth roller crusher is an important part of the broken tooth disk. New tooth plate design is completely different from the previous tooth roller, it contains a pair of spiral roller, the roller on the radial out of broken teeth, broken teeth are arranged into the axial spacing, separated along the surrounding of teeth, teeth on a roll with another on the roller, the family of the adjacent teeth teeth is parallel to the layout, the relative breakage on the two roller teeth bite of cooperation, can better broken small piece of material. However, large pieces of material cannot enter the occlusal area of the opposite broken teeth on the two rollers, and cannot be broken. In order to solve this problem, each crushing tooth on each roller of the crusher is arranged in an axial order. Adjacent crushing teeth in the same radial spindle need to alternate 36° staggered layout, so that the double roll into the "eight" shape layout. In this way, when a crushing cone and coronal crushing tooth on one roller pass between the adjacent crushing cone and coronal crushing teeth on the other roller, large particles can be occluded and broken. Double toothed roll crusher teeth plate is the main broken toothed roll crusher parts, broken tooth double toothed roll crusher main working parts, is also a major easily damaged parts, according to the category of material crushing, production capacity and filling, discharging granularity is different, so the shape of the tooth, fastening, tooth higher will require different parameters. Therefore, our engineers and technicians need to focus on this part when designing, and try their best to present the good design in front of us.

Over the years, dapeng people have kept their feet on the ground, worked hard and innovated bravely. With the view of development, dapeng people have deeply implemented the scientific outlook on development, vigorously promoted the efficient, high-quality, stable and orderly development of mining crushing equipment manufacturing, and kept pace with The Times. It has built up a team of employees with unity, civilization, preciseness and efficiency, built up a modern production and testing base and a sales network covering the whole country, and provided convenient and thoughtful service for users all over the country. Dapeng people adhere to the good quality, good service business philosophy, customers all over the city, standing in the crushing machinery, crushing machinery industry. Deeply customer favor, especially in recent years, with the rapid development of national economic construction, our company's products by the user unit trust and praise.

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