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Development of sand machine

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Development of sand machine

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In fact, plans everywhere aim higher. The planned expressways in guangdong, sichuan, Inner Mongolia and yunnan are all about 10,000 kilometers long. If the planning of the various regions of the highway summary, according to the relevant experts estimate, close to 200,000 km.

Highway construction is inseparable from a large number of high-quality sand and stone supplies, and natural sand and stone supply has long been in short supply. There are two kinds of gravel and sand in the road engineering. Crushed stone is a variety of clay coagulation soil orthopedics, in general, the size of more than 2mm called gravel, 2-0. Sand is 074mm. Sand is the main raw material of cement mortar, cement brownstone, asphalt concrete and asphalt sand, and the source of sand is natural sand (mountain sand, river sand, sea sand) and artificial sand (mechanical sand). But the artificial sand quality is high, suffers the natural condition the restriction is few, obtained more and more extensive application.

The high efficiency and energy saving sand production line is the source of high quality sand and stone, and the high efficiency fine crusher plays an irreplaceable role as the crushing core equipment in the mechanical sand production line. Under the influence of the state's investment in road construction, the production of high-quality sand and stone has become a gold industry.

Over the years, dapeng people have kept their feet on the ground, worked hard and innovated bravely. With the view of development, dapeng people have deeply implemented the scientific outlook on development, vigorously promoted the efficient, high-quality, stable and orderly development of mining crushing equipment manufacturing, and kept pace with The Times. It has built up a team of employees with unity, civilization, preciseness and efficiency, built up a modern production and testing base and a sales network covering the whole country, and provided convenient and thoughtful service for users all over the country. Dapeng people adhere to the good quality, good service business philosophy, customers all over the city, standing in the crushing machinery, crushing machinery industry. Deeply customer favor, especially in recent years, with the rapid development of national economic construction, our company's products by the user unit trust and praise.

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