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Several design requirements of modern sand and stone production line

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Several design requirements of modern sand and stone production line

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Nowadays, stone factory production lines can be seen everywhere in China, no matter around cities or around infrastructure construction projects. These widely distributed stone factory production lines provide a large number of sand orthopedics for construction, and also bring development business opportunities to mining crushing equipment enterprises.

Domestic complete set of sand and stone production equipment from import to independent research and development production, the development is very rapid. At any time the sand and stone equipment manufacturing technology of transparency, production of complete sets of sand and stone production equipment manufacturers are gradually increasing. With the development of science and technology, the new sand and stone production line is growing vigorously under the attention of the users. Cone crusher manufacturer dapeng heavy for you to introduce the modern sand and stone production line design requirements are as follows:

First, targeted

Different raw materials, the process will be different, using the cookie-cutter program is the past, today's process is mostly combined with user raw materials, on-site "tailored. Using a cone to break soft rock is overkill, but if you use a counterattack to break, hammer to break hard rock, small can only sigh: "you hit a hard wall will turn back!" Therefore, the material needs to be adjusted according to the material, and sometimes need to be broken. The hardness, diameter and purity of materials will affect the process.

Second, modular broken, clear layout

Sand production line of modular broken, to avoid the previous belt conveyor disorderly pull production line configuration, equipment, the phenomenon of the place, coarse crushing in the module, the module, fine screening module seems to be clear at a glance, how the material into the crusher, achieve what size into the crusher are sleek, avoid belt cross caused difficult to maintain, and mixing phenomena appear. Modularity is not just a visual shock, it's a strategy that really benefits efficiency and should be well implemented.

Intelligent control

The current intelligent sand and stone production line may be limited to PLC control, video monitoring and other links, the future may be added to the Internet of things and big data, but now many crusher manufacturers have not taken this step. As far as centralized control of PCL is concerned, labor is greatly reduced. Only 1-2 watchmen are required to take care of the production situation of the whole production line. If it is an intelligent tribe in the future, well-intentioned reminders will be given to operators to urge them to make correct operation.

Four, the environmental protection

This is not only the current requirements, but also the basic requirements of the future society. Green production, building circular economy is the learning curve of sand plant transformation, social value is not simple to see benefits, but also look on the degree of friendly environment, now a lot of sand and gravel production line is equipped with dust collector, airtight shack noise reduction, so environmental protection is one of the characteristics of a modern sand production line, when the design not to omit.

High yield, high sand quality

High yield is only relatively speaking, compared to the old technology, old equipment to create higher, more lasting value. Do sand aggregate, in fact, there are a lot of data indicators. Gravel quality affects the fluidity of concrete, and thus the construction quality, mixing station is more and more strict. Therefore, the sand and stone production line to choose the appropriate crushing equipment, to avoid the shape of poor or substandard specifications of the phenomenon.

Environmental protection sand and stone production line does not cause pollution to the environment, and basically does not need to pay the tax treatment, so it should be widely advocated.

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