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Bar and bar feeder

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Bar and bar feeder

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Bar and bar feeding machine simple mechanism, easy to use and maintain, relatively small vibration force, no wear-resistant parts, simple. Widely used in mining, crushed stone field, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mineral processing, coal mining and other industries crushing, screening production lines.

Bar feeder works: new vibration feeder motor drive, the series feeder is used for coarse crusher evenly before feeding, due to the effect on the surface of the bar screen at the same time, also can get rid of fine materials such as soil, to advance the function of the sieve, ability of coarse crushing, this series of vibrating feeder or vibrator excitation, a new type of vibration motor frame type ring groove rivet, made in manganese steel plate and the rods, firm structure, high strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, convenient in operation and maintenance.

The rod vibration feeder is designed and manufactured by absorbing Swedish technology, and the vibration motor produced in Japan is used as the excitation source. This series of feeder is used for the uniform feeding of the bulk material before the coarse crushing crusher. Meanwhile, due to the function of bar and bar screen, it can remove the soil and other fine materials to achieve the pre-screening function and improve the coarse crushing capacity. Especially suitable for hydropower industry, construction stone, metal ore, etc.

Over the years, dapeng people have kept their feet on the ground, worked hard and innovated bravely. With the view of development, dapeng people have deeply implemented the scientific outlook on development, vigorously promoted the efficient, high-quality, stable and orderly development of mining crushing equipment manufacturing, and kept pace with The Times. It has built up a team of employees with unity, civilization, preciseness and efficiency, built up a modern production and testing base and a sales network covering the whole country, and provided convenient and thoughtful service for users all over the country. Dapeng people adhere to the good quality, good service business philosophy, customers all over the city, standing in the crushing machinery, crushing machinery industry. Deeply customer favor, especially in recent years, with the rapid development of national economic construction, our company's products by the user unit trust and praise.

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