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Various types of rotary crusher work principle

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Various types of rotary crusher work principle

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Professional cone crusher manufacturer dapeng heavy for you to introduce various types of rotary crusher working principle:

Rotary crusher is vertical compound crusher, also known as compound crusher, is the crushing production line and sand production line of machinery.

The rotary crusher is mainly composed of rotating roller, suspension device, safety device, regulating mechanism, tensioning device, rotating system and frame. The crushing cavity is composed of fixed concave crushing plate and crushing rotary roll. The crushing of the material of the rotary crusher is accomplished by the eccentric operation of the rotary roll. The rotor Angle of the crushing cavity has the function of static and dynamic change. Rotary crusher rotary crusher working mechanism for crushing cone and fixed cone (intermediate rack). The inner surface of the middle frame is lined with three parallel liner lines of manganese steel, whose bottom line supports the protruding part at the lower end. The upper line of the frame is inserted into the convex surface of the upper part of the middle frame. Thus, it can withstand the upward thrust and vertical component of the crushing force generated by the crushing friction. The intermediate frame must be cast in zinc alloy (or cement).

The rotary crusher is a coarse crusher, compared with the jaw crusher, its advantage is that the crushing process is continuous along the circular annular crushing cavity, so the productivity is high, the power consumption is low. Smooth work. Suitable for crushing sheet material. It can be seen from the grain size distribution curve of finished products. The particle size of the finished product is smaller than that of the jaw crusher. In addition, raw materials can be poured directly from the vehicle into the feed port without the need for a feeder. The disadvantages of gyratory crusher are: complex structure. Higher prices; Maintenance more difficult, repair costs; The higher fuselage increases the cost of buildings, foundations and other structures.

The gyratory crusher is suitable for use in factories with large production capacity and in the yard. According to the experience, if a jaw crusher can meet the production requirements, then the jaw crusher can be used. If two jaw types are required, a rotary crusher should be considered.

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