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There is a long way to go for the ecological restoration and management of the mines

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There is a long way to go for the ecological restoration and management of the mines

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During the development of China's mining industry, the traditional mining mode also brings a series of ecological environment and safety problems. In recent years, the dam break of some tailings ponds has led to the pollution of surrounding water quality, farmland and other large areas, endangering the safety of villages and other accidents.

Four kinds of factors restrict the comprehensive utilization of tailings

With the improvement of national attention to tailings resources, the comprehensive utilization scale of tailings resources in China is advancing, but there is still a big gap with the advanced level of foreign countries. The following four types of factors are the root causes of the gap:

One is technical. The complexity of the type of raw ore determines the diversity of its tailings composition, and the grade of each component in the tailings has been very low, so some dressing techniques can not fully adapt to the dressing requirements of low-grade tailings; Some special elements are difficult to implement on an industrial scale due to their complicated processes and large investment, or are not economically feasible.

Second, economic factors. Tailings are used as building materials or mining and filling is an important direction for their comprehensive utilization. However, the core of the problem lies in that tailings, as low-value-added products such as building bricks, are far from the consumer market and lead to too large product transportation radius, which makes the product transportation cost too high and weakens the product market competitiveness.

Third, policy factors. Although the state has issued preferential policies such as income tax reduction and exemption for comprehensive utilization of resources and VAT reduction and exemption for some enterprises of comprehensive utilization of resources, no specific encouraging policies have been formulated for comprehensive utilization of tailings.

Fourth, data and information factors. At present, many mining developed countries have completed at least one round of investigation and evaluation of the tailings of key mines, which can meet the needs of social investment decisions. China has not carried out the national tailings resources special investigation and evaluation so far, which can not meet the actual needs of social investment decisions.

The comprehensive utilization of tailings is promising

Not long ago, a media release said: "tailings resources in the social benefits, ecological benefits are obvious, even if the economic benefits are no less than concentrate, imported ore. This paper focuses on two ways of development and utilization, one is to prepare alumina, active silicon and other valuable components by pre-desilication of high-silicon aluminite, and the other is to refine aluminum-si-titanium intermediate alloy by electric heating.

Gu desheng, an academician with the Chinese academy of engineering, said that only by changing mining methods, adopting new technologies and equipment, improving efficiency and reducing costs, can environmental safety problems in mining be solved more effectively.

Yang chaofei, President of the China association for the promotion of industrial environmental protection, said that China needs to make major changes in mining methods, completely abandon extensive mining methods and strive to shift to "green mining, clean mining, harmless mining and civilized mining".

Cone crusher manufacturers dapeng heavy that, "Rome, not a day of cold", governance by long-term accumulation of mine ecological damage, the same need for a long period of green process, can not be accomplished overnight or once and for all. While remedying the existing pollution problems, it is necessary to avoid the occurrence of new destructive behaviors and avoid falling into the cycle of remedying - remedying - remedying - remedying. To enhance the process awareness is to arouse people to adhere to the environmental protection concept and serious attitude of steady and step-by-step, and to make scientific planning and steady implementation in the ecological restoration and management of mines. It is easy to break mountains, but difficult to control them. A systematic scientific program must be established to ensure that all steps are completed step by step over a longer period of time. In the absence of a mature recovery governance plan, limited funds should be spent on key points based on existing technologies. Summarize ceaselessly, advance steadily, cannot spread flatbread blindly.

Relevant departments at all levels should raise their awareness, unify their thinking, earnestly implement the rehabilitation project of mines, stick to the two bottom lines of development and ecology, protect green waters and mountains while developing, integrate the concept of ecological civilization into economic and social development, and build green mines, so as to promote the development of green mining industry.

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