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Is the hammer crusher effective in the crushing industry?

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Is the hammer crusher effective in the crushing industry?

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Crushing limestone generally choose hammer crusher, but the traditional hammer crusher has certain shortcomings, vibration xin dragon machinery through research, to improve the optimization of the original hammer crusher, the upper frame monolithic structure to split structure, this structure makes maintenance rotor is very convenient, subdivision will only part of the left can be hoisted out away from the rotor. Attention should be paid to the reconstruction of hammer crusher. When cutting the upper frame and welding a pair of flanges, the stress should be removed to ensure the assembly performance of the whole machine. The radian R520 of the sieve frame is changed to R510 to reduce the gap between the sieve bar and the hammer head, and facilitate the adjustment of the sieve frame. When the hammer head is worn, the sieve frame can have enough adjustment position. The screen bar frame is 160mm longer, you can arrange 4 more screen bars, increase the work area of hammer crusher, qualified products of particle size can be discharged from the crushing cavity in time, reduce the generation of over-crushing, reduce the load of the stone crusher, so as to improve the production capacity.

The new efficient hammer type crushing machine changes the multistage crushing into a single section, the crusher lining plate, grate plate, crusher hammer is the first vulnerable parts are cast through special process of core wear resistant parts, specially for resisting the severe limestone wear condition, in the limestone crushing has prominent advantages. Shenyang dapeng heavy machinery r & d experience for many years, the crusher equipment improvement and optimization work is dapeng specialty, the company can according to the specific needs of customers to customize special crusher equipment, specializing in the production of various cone crusher and accessories, welcome to buy.

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