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Spring cone crusher

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Spring cone crusher

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PYT spring cone crusher

Spring cone crusher

PYT series spring cone crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of ores and rocks with medium or higher hardness. It has the characteristics of reliable structure, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment and economical use. Its spring insurance series is overload protection device, can make the metal foreign body through the crushing cavity and do not harm the machine, using dry oil or water sealing form, so that stone powder and lubricating oil isolation, ensure reliable work, the form of crushing cavity is determined by the use of ore: standard type is suitable for medium crushing; Medium size suitable for fine crushing; Short head type is suitable for ultra-fine crushing.

Working principle: when the crusher works, the motor drives the eccentric shaft sleeve to rotate through the horizontal shaft and a pair of bevel gears. The axis line of the broken cone rotates and swings under the movement of the eccentric shaft sleeve, making the broken surface sometimes close to and sometimes leave the surface of the mortar wall, so that the ore is continuously squeezed in the broken chamber.

Spring cone crusher

Spring cone crusher

Spring cone crusher

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