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Mobile jaw crushing station

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Mobile jaw crushing station

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J series mobile jaw crushing station

Mobile jaw crushing station

Mobile jaw crushing station

Use optimized frame structure and movable jaw design. When designing the c-jaw crusher, we have fully considered its wide applicability. It can crush almost any stone.

Modular, weld-free frame construction

Type C jaw crusher adopts unique modular, weld-free frame structure. Two hot rolled steel side plates are firmly bolted together with high quality cast steel frame through finishing machining pin, which avoids the shortening of equipment durability due to the stress concentration point, such as welding point, when the equipment is subjected to impact load.

Mobile jaw crushing station

3D rendering of type C jaw crushing


The jaw assembly is durable

Made of high quality cast steel and driven by two large cast steel or cast iron flywheels. In addition, forged heavy eccentric shaft four equal specifications of the large ball rolling bearings, the c-jaw crusher with extraordinary reliability. Labyrinth seal protects bearing grease from contamination.

Mobile jaw crushing station

C - jaw crusher breakdown diagram

Integral cast steel bearing box

The integral cast steel bearing box can ensure complete coordination with the crushing frame and avoid unnecessary load on the bearing frame, which is inevitable in the previous 2-piece bearing box structure.

Mobile jaw crushing station

Integral cast steel bearing box


The c-jaw crusher can meet the requirements of continuous operation around the clock during the service period, but eventually some maintenance is needed. Due to the use of cast steel components, the crusher can still be repaired and repaired economically after many years of operation. It would be expensive or impossible to repair the crushers of other architectures. Modular, weld-free frame structure ensures excellent durability. The robust jaw assembly provides maximum reliability even under the most difficult crushing conditions.

Mobile jaw crushing station

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