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High energy cone crusher

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High energy cone crusher

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High energy cone crusher

High energy cone crusher

High energy cone crusher allows you to produce finer products with fewer broken sections, thus reducing your investment cost and saving energy. This is achieved by optimizing the crushing speed and large stroke, the design of the crushing cavity and increasing the crushing force.

Cone crusher structure design of a big leap. The strong fixed shaft structure and the design of direct impact shaft sleeve ensure that the multi-cylinder high energy cone crusher has higher rotating speed and crushing capacity. The crushing cavity designed by the theory of intergranular lamination can ensure the grain size of products, avoid over crushing of materials and reduce the wear of broken parts, and greatly improve the production capacity. The ultra-high pressure energy storage hydraulic system is used to drive the hydraulic safety cylinder in both directions, realizing the hydraulic safety and cleaning cavity of the crusher, as well as the hydraulic locking and hydraulic motor adjustment

Poorer energy sources achieve more power

The higher material density in the crushing cavity increases the effect of lamination and comminution to achieve a more constant product size distribution and better grain shape.

Less downtime

The bi-directional hydraulic overiron release cylinder allows other types of crushers to pass through the crusher smoothly if they may be stuffy or damaged.

Easy to maintenance

The advanced fastening system of moving cone and fixed cone liner eliminates packing and makes replacement of liner more convenient.

Advantages of high-energy cone crusher:

When large stroke

● super crushing force

Low low energy consumption

● large crushing ratio

● double acting hydraulic cylinder

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