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Impact crusher can greatly improve the service life of the board hammer

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Impact crusher can greatly improve the service life of the board hammer

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Now a lot of places are the need for the impact crusher, its application is very wide, it can choose the work according to different materials, which is helpful to our work, but also can improve the work efficiency, now we will understand the advantages of the impact crusher.

1, reasonable hammer structure, with the advantages of fast loading and unloading, multi-displacement, can greatly shorten the time to change the hammer;

2. The back plate of the rotor can withstand the extremely high rotational inertia of the rotor and the impact and crushing force of the hammerhead;

3, with three levels of crushing and shaping functions, so the crushing ratio is large, the product shape is cubic, can be selectively broken;

4, optimized design into a low-speed, multi-crushing cavity impact crusher, its linear speed is reduced by 20%-25% compared with the general impact crusher, to achieve high production capacity with low energy consumption;

5, unique counter tooth plate, no key connection, convenient maintenance, economic and reliable;

6. With the new manufacturing technology, a chromium, molybdenum and vanadium alloy material with high wear resistance and toughness has been successfully developed, which solves the hard material crushing problem. Greatly improve the service life of the board hammer;

7, the counter is equipped with multi-function hydraulic station, with hydraulic high-speed discharge clearance, counter plate stability vibration reduction and automatic opening of the body and other functions.

Through the above detailed introduction, we know the advantages of impact crusher, hope to see the above information can help you, there is a need to contact the cone crusher manufacturer dapeng heavy duty.

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