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PEF series jaw crusher

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PEF series jaw crusher

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PEF series jaw crusher

Jaw crusher


Product introduction:

Jaw crusher - generally used for coarse and medium crushing of hard or medium hard ores, sometimes also used for fine crushing in other industries and small mines. Jaw crusher has two forms: the crank double rocker mechanism jaw crusher with a simple swing jaw - simple swing jaw crusher; Crank and rocker mechanism jaw crusher with complex swing of jaw - double swing jaw crusher.

Product advantages:

1. Good stability and high reliability.

The jaw assembly is made of high quality cast steel, and the heavy eccentric shaft is machined by forging billet. Compared with other crushers of the same size, we adopt larger and more durable eccentric shaft bearing, so that it has a higher bearing capacity and ensure its reliability.

2. Advanced technology and long service life.

Using world-class manufacturing process, the use of advanced digital parts processing equipment, to ensure the precision of machine parts; The choice of the highest end of the production materials, greatly increased its compression resistance, wear resistance, greatly extended the service life of the machine.

3. Simple structure and convenient maintenance.

Through continuous improvement and optimization, the performance of the machine is improved while the structure of the machine is simplified. The whole machine is easier to operate, more convenient maintenance, downtime maintenance time greatly reduced.

4. Large grain size is good.

Adopting advanced crushing principle, the proportion of cube in the product is increased obviously, the number of needle and flake stones is reduced, and the grain size is more uniform.

Jaw crusher

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